It's a whole new way to live. Stylish and functional interiors with thoughtful use of space is the unifying theme of the apartment layouts. All units, regardless of size and orientation are specifically designed to cater to different lifestyles. Large picture windows also make the most of the breathtaking views. Choose from 212 spacious 1 to 5 bedrooms units (81-370 net sqm) with over 30 different layouts.

Master Bedroom

  Stepping into the bedrooms, you will be greeted immediately by the light filtering through thelarge bedroom windows, illuminating the room with brightness. All bedrooms come with generous wardrobe space and the very finest of wooden floor finishes.

Dining Room

  Featuring the same rich wood finishings the from table to chairs, your dining area awaits an evening of good food and fine wine with family and friends.


  The most telling features of residential luxury are the fixtures and finishes of your Phase II penthouse. And it is here our specifiers and designers have outdone themselves. This is a true model of functional elegance stylishly designed for supreme comfort.

Living Room

  Featuring a sleek, contemporary look, the living room carries its clean lines and elegance throughout. The clever layouts free space for better aesthetics and convenience while wood finishes adds a touch of warmth.


   A landmark residence that turns city living into a nature retreat. An unparalleled combination of villa-in-the-city? and Suzhou inspired architectural aesthetics with the tranquility of a traditional Suzhou environment right at your door step with the warm but modern comforts of a western home once inside. A total of 36 units of luxuriously furnished villas ranging from 250-385 net sqm give you the comfort of home.

Living Room

   Enhancing the comforts of living in a villa, our designers have indulge in the finest quality furnitures and state-of-heart home entertainment systems to cater to the ultimate lifestyle for you.

Master Bedroom

   To create an ultimate environment of many moods and an ambience that is light years ahead of any other, we found inspirations combining natural elements such as rich wood finishings and soft texture allowing luscious tones to flow into the space.

Dining Room

   Picture this vision of a grandiose dinner setting amidst rich wood furnishings, lush carpets and porcelain wares framed to entertain family and friends with such individuality and flair, it could only be yours.


   Only a well designed environment can stand the test of time. Stunning forms do their part to visually enhance the kitchen while functional elements provide us with greater convenience and comfort.