East Lake Villas |East Lake Villas Leads the Way to Sustainable Development

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East Lake Villas |East Lake Villas Leads the Way to Sustainable Development

At East Lake Villas, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of every guest. We have always adhered to the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection, striving to provide everyone with a green and livable environment. When guests arrive at East Lake Villas driving electric cars, they immediately feel the difference - East Lake Villas provides ample electric vehicle charging stations * to meet their charging needs. These charging stations are installed in the parking lot of the North District of East Lake Villas. They all adopt the latest high-efficiency charging technology, which can charge quickly and safely. Moreover, the charging stations are also highly intelligent. For example, they can be remotely controlled and the charging status can be monitored in real-time through a mobile app. East Lake Villas leads the local community and society at large in the pursuit of sustainable development, setting an example of green environmental protection.

The information conveyed by the electric vehicle charging stations at East Lake Villas is not only a convenience but also a civilization and a way of life. It symbolizes care for the environment and a commitment to green ecology. Every guest actively commits to and adheres to the principles of environmental protection and low carbon, using their individual power to drive social progress. In this green ecology, guests experience a harmonious coexistence with nature. They blend in with nature, facing the ripples on the lake and listening to the silent fall of leaves. Let us embark on this green path of harmonious coexistence with nature, working hand in hand to achieve sustainable development.

* The newly added electric vehicle charging stations include 2 fast charging stations and 8 slow charging stations to meet the different needs of customers.

Charging Station Operation Instructions

1) Charging Connection

Turn off the electric vehicle and remove the charging gun. Insert the charging gun into the vehicle's DC charging socket.

[1]Remove the vehicle plug, press down to unlock.

[2]Insert it into the vehicle socket.

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2) Charging Start

Users can start charging by scanning the QR code using the mobile app "YouyiChong".

Open the "YouyiChong" app on your phone, scan the charging QR code, and follow the instructions on the app to start charging:

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East Lake Villas  (3).png

Electric Vehicle Charging

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[3]Lock to start charging.

Note: Do not forcefully pull out the charging connector during the charging process! Forcefully pulling out the charging connector may cause sparks at the connection point and result in a safety accident!

4) Charging Completion

After the electric vehicle is fully charged, the charging station will automatically stop charging and the "Settlement" button will pop up. Click on "Settlement" on the app to complete the charging fee settlement.

If you need to stop charging in advance:

Click the "Stop Charging" button on the app's charging interface to stop charging with a card swipe and proceed with the charging settlement.

After the settlement is completed, unplug the charging plug from the vehicle, hang the charging gun cable on the cable holder, and place the charging gun head in the gun holder.

[4]Unlock the charging completion, remove the vehicle plug.

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[5]Place it in the holder.

5) Status Explanation

The charging equipment has status indicator lights indicating "Standby", "Charging", and "Fault".

Indicator Light

Status Explanation


When the device is in standby mode, the standby light is always on; when the vehicle is connected, the standby light flashes every second.


During startup, the charging light flashes every second; during charging, the charging light is always on.


When there is a fault, the fault light flashes every second.

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