Beijing East Lake Villas parent-child handcraft saloon

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Beijing East Lake Villas parent-child handcraft saloon-Hand-painted Rabbit Deity

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Hand-painted Rabbit Deity

* Date: September 27th (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM

* Location: Third floor multi-function hall, East Lake Club

* Participants: East Lake residents (limited to 30 people)

* Registration: Sign up at the Phase 1 Front Desk

* Limited spots available, participants will be determined based on the order of registration.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, with excitement and anticipation, we sincerely invite you and your children to join our 'Parent-Child Handicraft Salon' and hand-paint our own Rabbit Deity, weaving a magical story of Mid-Autumn and the Rabbit Deity together.

On September 27th (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM, on this enchanting night, let us lead you and your children into a unique art sanctuary. Under the careful guidance of our teachers, you will learn to use colors and brushes, as well as creative techniques, to give life to our Rabbit Deity. Throughout this process, children and parents will participate together, working hard to transform their creative achievements into beautiful stories.

The Rabbit Deity holds symbolic significance in the Mid-Autumn Festival, representing a sense of reunion and harmony. In this handicraft salon, we will explore stories about the Rabbit Deity and Mid-Autumn together, using creativity and imagination to write our own legends with brushes. Let us take this opportunity to help children understand traditional Mid-Autumn cultural practices while cultivating their aesthetic literacy and artistic awareness.

Let us step into this Mid-Autumn together, igniting sparks of creativity in our hearts through the 'Parent-Child Handicraft Salon', and together create a delicate painting of the Rabbit Deity, crafting a unique story of Mid-Autumn and the Rabbit Deity. We look forward to the moment when we can meet with you and your children, and spend a distinctive Mid-Autumn Festival.

May you and your family blossom with laughter and creativity this Mid-Autumn Festival!"

NO.35 Dongzhimenwai Main Street, Beijing