Beijing East Lake Villas 『Halloween Carnival Night』-Trick-or-Treating Event for Halloween-

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Beijing East Lake Villas 『Halloween Carnival Night』-Trick-or-Treating Event for Halloween-

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East Lake Villas 『Halloween Carnival Night』

Dear children of East Lake Villas:

Halloween is approaching, and in order to let everyone fully experience this mysterious and joyful festival, we have specially planned a unique trick-or-treating event in East Lake Villas!

Theme: Halloween Carnival Night

Time: October 31, 2023, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Registration: 2nd floor reception of East Lake Club (limited to 60 people)

* Limited spots available, participants will be determined based on the order of registration.

All residents of East Lake Villas are welcome to participate.

To create a strong Halloween atmosphere, we request participants to wear costumes that match the festival spirit, such as witches, elves, vampires, etc. Please unleash your imagination and show your personality and creativity!

Trick-or-Treating Tools: Use your creativity to make or find unique trick-or-treating tools to make the process more fun!

Event Schedule

-Happy Halloween-

1. The little ghosts are gathering at 2nd floor reception of East Lake Club.

2. The time-traveling staff of East Lake will make a dazzling appearance with a mysterious clown, play games with the little ghosts, and take photos to kick off the event.

3. The little ghosts will be divided into two teams and follow our staff to visit the East Lake Villas Phase 1, Phase 2, and the Villas area.

4. After arriving at the trick-or-treating location, our staff will divide the participants into two trick-or-treating groups and start the game.

5. Parents can take photos on-site to capture these joyful moments.

6. The event concludes.


-Happy Halloween-

1. Please complete the tasks within the designated time to avoid affecting the experience of other participants.

2. Please keep the environment clean and do not litter.

3. To ensure the safety of the event, please follow the instructions of the East Lake staff and refrain from running or playing on-site.

4. It is recommended to practice various trick-or-treating techniques in advance to achieve good results during the event.

5. If you have allergies, choking, or any other physical discomfort due to personal reasons, please inform the staff immediately, and we will do our best to assist you.

-Happy Halloween-

On this mysterious and joyful Halloween night, let's dress up in unique costumes and shout "Trick or treat!" Immerse ourselves in this magical world! We look forward to spending an unforgettable Halloween with you!

Finally, we kindly ask all residents to be prepared and welcome this joyful challenge! Let's gather at East Lake Villas and spend this Halloween night together! Have fun!

East Lake Villas Operations Team

No.35 Dongzhimenwai Main Street, Beijing